Expectations of the Principal

The High School for Health Professions & Human Services

Expectations of the Principal


HPHS is a community of individuals (students, staff, families, and community partners) working together to achieve our mission.  We will accomplish this through the development and support of healthy, positive, and respectful relationships. 


As Principal of The High School for Health Professions and Human Services. . .

 I recognize that effective leadership requires understanding of all aspects of our school; therefore, I am to maintain consistent two-way communication and collaborative relationships with all members of the HPHS community (students, staff, parents, families, community partner organizations).

  •  I communicate directly with all members of the HPHS community (formally and informally) using sensitive and respectful language and tone.
  • I am available to members of the community to discuss school-related topics.
  • I value and seek to understand the perspectives of all HPHS community members.
  • I reflect on the points of view offered by members of the HPHS community.
  • I strive to identify potential problems and to solve them proactively.
  • I aim to make informed and fair decisions.
  • When appropriate and feasible, I share my decision making process with members of the HPHS community.

I understand and embrace my responsibility to model professionalism for the school.

  • I show respect toward myself and each member of the HPHS community.
  • I come to school on time, dressed appropriately, and prepared for success each day.
  • I aim for perfect attendance because I understand that there is a positive correlation between my attendance and my ability to lead effectively.
  • I take commitments seriously and I seek to fulfill them in a timely manner.
  • I acknowledge that I bring my own issues to work, but I do not allow them to interfere with my ability to lead effectively.

I am committed to providing vision and resources that support and environment of constant learning and the achievement of goals.

  • I practice consistent reflection as a means of improving the educational program offered to our students.
  • I provide resources to support community members’ professional growth.
  • I aim to facilitate leadership opportunities for members of the HPHS community.
  • I support risk taking and creativity in the classroom.
  • I celebrate the achievements and efforts of members of the HPHS community.

 I understand that a positive and enjoyable school is a productive school, and I work to cultivate such an environment each day.

  Robert A. Gentile