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Expectations for Students

HPHS is a community of individuals (students, staff, families, and community partners) all working together to achieve our mission. We will accomplish this through the development and support of healthy, positive, and respectful relationships.
As a student member of the HPHS community, I demonstrate:

Positive Communication
  • I actively listen to others without interrupting – One Mic!
  • I wait for my turn to speak.
  • I show respect for whoever is speaking by using positive body language (such as sitting up and making positive eye contact).
  • I communicate directly with all members of the HPHS community (formally and informally) using sensitive and respectful language and tone.
  • I stay away from gossip and “he said/she said” conversations.
  • I support and encourage others with positive words and actions.
Personal Accountability and Responsibility
  • I am responsible for the choices and decisions I make – No Excuses!
  • I take school seriously and I am prepared for success every day.
  • I arrive each morning early enough to get to my first class on time.
  • I have all the materials and supplies necessary for each class.
  • I get to each of my classes and all school activities on time.
  • I’m ready for every lesson having completed all of my homework.
  • I abide by the HPHS dress code at all times in school.
  • I actively participate in my learning in and outside the classroom.
  • I ask questions when I don’t understand and when I want to learn more.
  • I contribute positively to cooperative learning groups and class discussions.
  • I use school resources to support my learning (such as tutoring, the library, peers, independent reading time, and school staff).
  • I contribute to the establishment of a safe space by encouraging my classmates to actively participate (listen; ask questions, share ideas and points of view).
  • I take pride in my work.
  • I set strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely goals (SMART) for myself and then challenge myself to meet and exceed them.
  • I regularly self check my academic progress.
  • I am flexible and willing to compromise in order to achieve my goals. I represent myself and HPHS in a positive way both in and outside of school because I recognize the impact I have on the community.

Respect for Ourselves, Our Community and Our World
  • I acknowledge and respect the diversity of the HPHS community.
  • I consider how my actions will affect others before making choices that impact the community.
  • I take responsibility for helping to keep HPHS clean, safe, healthy, and vibrant.
  • I show respect for myself and HPHS by exerting maximum effort.
  • I acknowledge that successful relationships are based on honesty and trust – Tell the Truth!