Parent Newsletter





Welcome to a New School Year and to a new PTA!

We welcome all our families to a new year.  This will be the best year yet at The High School for Health Professions and Human Services. 

Where else can you find first-rate high school education with unique programs such as Medical Assistance and Medical Research -  combined - with amazing resources such as our full-time college and career offices, hands-on guidance counselors involved parent coordinator and a staff and administration all focused on the success of our children. 

This is not to mention the athletic programs, internships, medical field trips, laboratory experience, and collaborated after-school volunteer and research opportunities all coordinated by the dedicated staff at HSHP. It’s a comforting feeling to know our children are here.  (can add other programs)

The PTA helps support these amazing programs.  Specifically, the PTA provides for:

·        Senior Scholarship(s)

·        Classroom support

·        HPHS community-building events

·        End-of Year Block Party



Please look out for information on the dates for all our PTA meetings. We will be giving information via our PTA meetings once a month on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, phone and on pupil path  Please mark your calendars and come!!We would love to meet you and discuss your ideas or answer your questions.  Please let us know if you have any experience with grant writing or fundraising or if you would like to initiate a PTA event at HPHS.

But for now…

Please consider a donation to the PTA. Every dollar goes to support our school so they can support our children and we appreciate every contribution.  Please consider the education that your child is receiving and be as generous as you possibly can. A heart felt thanks!

Suggested donation is $20 - $100 per student.  Look at it as $2 - $10 per month towards an amazing education.  And you will see your money at work.  Your can make a donation on our next PTA meeting.  In the future it will be possible to make your donation by PayPal on our school website. Our teachers are willing to make donations to empower our PTA as discussed in our first  PTA meeting. We thank the teachers that came to our last meeting.


Again, welcome to a great year!

We’re Better Working Together.