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Expectations for Families

HPHS is a community of individuals (students, staff, families, and community partners) working together to achieve our mission. We will accomplish this through the development and support of healthy, positive, and respectful relationships.
As the parent/guardian of a student at HPHS:

I recognize that my role is essential in the overall success of my child and the HPHS community; therefore, I am to maintain consistent communication with the school.
  • I ask my child daily for any information sent home from school.
  • I stay informed of school events and activities by reading materials sent home, reading the parent newsletter emailed monthly by our parent coordinator, and by checking the school website (
  • I respond in a timely manner to all school communications.
  • I communicate directly with all members of the HPHS community (formally and informally) using sensitive and respectful language and tone.
  • I understand that in order for the school to maintain communication with me, I must provide updated contact information.
  • I am aware that I can call the school with questions.
  • I attend and participate in required school meetings such as PTA Meetings and Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • I make every effort to attend and participate in other school activities
I recognize that I contribute to my child’s ability to succeed at HPHS.
  • I am responsible for making sure my child leaves the house on time in order to arrive to school on time.
  • I am responsible for making sure my child leaves for school dressed in appropriate attire and with all necessary materials, books, and supplies.
  • I am responsible for asking my child about homework, allotting time and space for doing homework, and checking the homework for completion.
  • I am responsible for monitoring my child’s progress in his/her classes through logging into Pupil Path.
  • I am responsible for monitoring my child’s progress towards graduation through use of the ARIS Parent Link.
I recognize that I am a participant in shaping, maintaining, and supporting the HPHS culture.
  • I recognize that my presence at the school has a positive impact on the HPHS community.
  • I am committed to understanding and promoting the mission of the school.
  • I am familiar with, support and uphold school policies.
  • I understand, appreciate, and trust the HPHS staff works their hardest to support my child.
  • I understand and appreciate that HPHS is an advocate for my child.
  • I can support learning both at HPHS and at home by sharing my experiences as a global citizen.
  • I understand that by having a child at HPHS, I am a member of the Parent Teacher Association, and if I choose, I can play an active role.
  • I understand that parents and guardians have a formal voice on the School Leadership Team, and that I can be elected to serve in that role.
I appreciate that the HPHS staff and I are on the same team with the same goal – the success of my child.