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Summer School Schedule & Regents Prep Week
2014 Summer Meals Program
Breakfast and lunch continues beyond the scheduled instructional school year. Our Summer Meals Program is available at hundreds of public schools, community pool centers, New York City Housing Authority complexes, and other locations around the city. No registration, documentation, or ID is required to receive a free breakfast or lunch meal to all children 18 years old and under.
Congratulations to Ms. Chesnut!
Ms. Chesnut committed to incorporate a Facing History unit on Little Rock into her Movement Building elective. In exchange, she will receive a a scholarship to a week-long professional development seminar this summer, a free set of books for her class, unlimited access to their lending library, and ongoing support throughout the year. Facing History views the grant as a relationship with HPHS that can extend beyond next year and beyond Ms. Chesnut.
Summer Meals Initiative
New York, N.Y. – Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer and children’s advocates today called on the Department of Education to significantly improve outreach and delivery of its summer food program for schoolchildren as a way to combat hunger in New York.
Columbia University State Pre-College Enrichment Program (S-PREP)
The State Pre-College Enrichment Program(S-PREP) is an educational and motivational program for academically talented minority and economically disadvantaged high school students who endeavor to enter the field of medicine, science or related health professions.
Complete Meal Applications Online This Summer
ApplyforLunch is an easy and convenient way for parents and guardians to submit applications for school meal benefits online. There is no fee for using the ApplyforLunch website to submit your application for benefits. This service is provided to you free of charge by your School District.
Electronic Devices are BANNED during Regents Week!

Electronic Devices are BANNED during Regents Week! All electronic devices are prohibited from the school during Regents Week. DO NOT bring cellphones or any other electronic device to school during Regents Week. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for electronic devices during this time.
2013 – 2014 End of Year Schedule
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Books, Books, Books!!!
All students must remember to hand in their textbooks to their teachers. Any textbooks needed for Regents, can be submitted to room 104 prior to Regents testing.
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