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Tips for High School Success

ATTENDANCE: This is your # 1 priority. You have to get to class ON TIME every day and attend EVERY class. EXERT THE EFFORT TODAY SO YOU CAN MOVE FURTHER ALONG TOMORROW.
CLASSES: DO NOT SKIP ANY OF YOUR CLASSES. Though you might think some classes are not as important as others; THEY ARE! You must accumulate enough credits in specific sequences to graduate on time. Opportunities to make up failed classes are limited and this would require you to spend your entire summer in school as well as your afternoons in school during the school year. Do not do this to yourself. If you are absent from school, come late or miss a class, automated calls go out to your parents/guardians.
Bring in absence notes to teachers and your counselor if you are really sick or had a death in your family.
PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Every Class Matters, EVEN PHYS. ED.! Physical Education classes are needed to graduate. There isn’t any reason to fail this class. Attend on time, every day, change into uniform and participate. If you cannot participate for a medical reason, provide your counselor and teacher with a valid doctor’s letter.
HOMEWORK: COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS. This could mean a difference of a 55 in the class and a 65 if you have a borderline passing grade. Passing classes leads to earning credits towards your high school diploma.
STUDY: Do this a little every day. Read over class notes; re-write class notes, out -line text book chapters, utilize the internet for resources. Do not cram for tests. For more information and resources, go to your favorite internet search engine and type in Study Skills.
PARTICIPATION & QUESTIONS: Teachers factor in class participation when giving you a class grade. This can sometimes mean a difference between passing and failing a class. Ask questions. If you don’t understand, raise your hand and ask or see your teacher after class.
TUTORING: Ask if your teachers can give you extra help or see your counselor for a tutoring schedule. Most teachers offer tutoring every Tuesday after classes.
ORGANIZATION: Stay organized and on top of your personal belongings. For example, keep all report cards, transcripts in a folder so you can refer to them later.
SLEEP & BREAKFAST: Get plenty of sleep and eat a good breakfast. Turn off the computer and your cell phones to get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep and lack of food influences your progress in school. If you do not eat school lunch, bring something from home such as a snack bar that you can eat in the middle of class to re-energize yourself and your mood. Grab a fruit and milk from the cafeteria.
PUPIL PATH: If you haven’t done so already, see your guidance counselor for your pupil path (Skedula) access code. This is where you can find out about your class progress.
GUIDANCE COUNSELORS: Make frequent visits to your guidance counselor to ensure you are on track and to review graduation requirements. We want to get to know you. You can also speak to your counselor if you are having personal/social/academic problems. We are here to help! Drop by the office, make an appointment and/or leave a note in our mailbox located in room 104 or underneath the door. Unfortunately, we cannot give program changes if you do not like a particular teacher and/or want to change your lunch.
CONFIDENTIALITY:** Anything you say in the Guidance Counselor’s office is confidential EXCEPT if you state that you are being abused by someone either physically, emotionally or sexually and/or you are thinking about hurting yourself or someone else and/or engaging in any illegal acts. We are legally obligated to take further action to provide you with assistance. We cannot keep this information to ourselves.
DEANS:See one of these staff members if you are having an issue with another student, over-hear there will be a fight, need to report a stolen item, lost your I.D. You will not be considered a “snitch” if you come to an adult in the building for help.
POOR ACADEMIC PROGRESS, TRUANCY & PEER PRESSURE: Do not give in to peer- pressure. If your friends are missing classes DO NOT FOLLOW. Chances are they will fail and end up missing many credits and will not graduate on time. I guarantee you will end up just like them, so THINK about the consequences of your actions. Failures will result in you being unable to participate in sports/clubs/dances and other school related activities.
FORGERY: DO NOT FORGE REPORT CARDS and Parent/Teacher signatures: Forgery is a suspendable offense. YOUR Parents will call and find out and YOU WILL EVENTUALLY GET CAUGHT and further disciplinary procedures will occur.
RESPECT: Be respectful to all teachers and staff. Any staff member can give you detention for being disrespectful or talking back. Please think before you speak. Additionally, be respectful to your peers. Respect is contagious!
COLLEGE/CAREER/INTERNSHIPS/CLUBS: Plan ahead for college and the SAT: College planning is very stressful and time consuming. The earlier you start the better off you will be. Complete SAT practice tests. You will take the PSAT in 10th and 11th grade. If you did well in a class, ask that teacher for a recommendation that you can put in a college file. Search for scholarships before your senior year. These are just as stressful and time consuming as your college applications. Visit the college office inside the library on the 3rd floor and get to know our college advisors. They are very willing to help you.