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Benefits of Regents Diploma

Benefits of a Regents Diploma
For most students, a Regents Diploma is needed to graduate high school. A diploma is a certificate issued by an education institution that testifies that the recipient has successfully completed a particular course of study or confers an academic degree. Passing the required Regents tells everyone that you at least have a basic high school education. Most colleges require a minimum of a Regents diploma to even consider an applicant for acceptance. A high school diploma can expand career and education opportunities. Statistically, high school graduates earn more than students who have not graduated high school.

There is something personally gratifying about graduating with a Regents diploma, especially with the class you entered high school with. You know you worked hard to graduate high school. Furthermore, students that graduate with a Regents Diploma increase the schoolā€™s Progress Report grade. By achieving your Regents Diploma you benefit not only yourself, but the school.

Required Regents Exams for Regents Diploma

Passing the following Regents exams with a score of 65 or better is required for a Regents Diploma:
  • Comprehensive English
  • Mathematics (Any one)
  • Global History
  • US History
  • Science (Any one)