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Regarding Measles and Immunizations

The health and well-being of New York City students, families, and staff is a top priority for the Department of Education, and we would like to share important information about two recent measles cases in public school students. These students did not attend school while infectious, and students have not been at risk of contracting measles while at school. We are sharing this information out of an abundance of caution and to remind you of our vaccination policy.
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Graduation Exclusion

Graduation ceremonies mark significant developmental milestones for students and families and provide an opportunity for achievement to be acknowledged and celebrated by the whole school community.
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Children of Active Military Personnel

The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children is a fifty-state agreement to reduce the educational barriers imposed on children of active duty military personnel as a result of the frequent moves and deployment of their parents. New York adopted the terms of the compact into state law (N.Y. E.D.N. Law § 3300-3318) in 2014. As a result of the compact, schools must provide more flexibility in educational and graduation requirements for this group of students.
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TIPS for P/SAT Test Day

In order to raise your PSAT/SAT score, you should be familiar with the overall structure of these exams. The strategies outlined in this article can be applied to these tests to help raise your score.
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