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Saturday Regents Prep Academy

If you were not able to attend our Saturday Regents Prep Academy Assembly, please see attached presentation. Speak to your Guidance Counselor about this great opportunity. As Principal Gentile stated, "Take advantage, take advantage, take advantage!" This is a great opportunity. Prepare yourself for success by attending our prep academy.
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L Train

Beginning Monday, November 11th the Brooklyn-bound 1st Avenue entrance to the L Train will be closed until April 2020. Our community will have to use the newly opened Brooklyn-bound entrance on Avenue A and 14th Street.
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Microsoft Office Suite - Free!

The DOE provides the Microsoft Office suite to students and their families for free. Office 365 Education for Students includes Office 365 ProPlus, which allows students to install up to 5 copies of the latest Microsoft Office suite for their PCs and Macs and up to five copies for their iOS or Android devices.
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Open House

We welcome you to our Open House. These are the dates and times:
Thursday, October 10th at 5 PM
Thursday, October 17th at 5 PM
Saturday, November 9th at 11 AM
Saturday, November 16th at 11 AM
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PupilPath Issues

PupilPath has been experiencing issues. These issues are affecting performance. The company is working diligently to resolve these problems.
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College Access Fair

The 12th annual College Access Fair for African-American/Black and Hispanic/Latinx Students & Families is scheduled for October 26 and registration is open. All are welcome! The event is hosted on the Fordham University Rose Hill campus in the Bronx and is co-sponsored by Fordham University, Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities in New York.
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Tutoring Schedule

See attached tutoring schedule flyer. All students are encouraged to make tutoring a part of their daily schedule. Tutoring gives students individualized attention. It helps those who struggle and also those who are not challenged enough in the classroom. Tutoring is for all students.
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Procedures for September 20, 2019 Climate Strike

Young people, through actions like civil disobedience and peaceful protest, have been at the forefront of many movements and struggles for justice in our city’s and our nation’s history, and we recognize that many of our own students may similarly decide to engage in forms of discourse and protest.
While we support students participating in civic engagement and exercising their First Amendment rights, we want to remind you that regular classroom schedules will continue as usual. Please ensure that you also create an environment inside the school for students who choose not to participate. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a safe, supportive learning environment for all students at all times.
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First Day of Instructional Classes

The first day of instructional classes is Thursday, September 5th. Students should report at the time their first period class begins. Any student who does not have their schedule or MetroCard should report HPHS on Wednesday between 9 am and noon to receive those items.
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