High School For Health Professions & Human Services


SENIORS and parents/guardians of seniors!


Hopefully your summer is going well! The CDI College & Career Office will be hosting a mandatory OCTOBER SAT registration workshop on Monday, AUGUST 6th, from 12-3pm in the HPHS libraryCLICK THIS LINK TO SIGN UP! It only takes 20-30 minutes to complete. Once you're there, you will receive a fee waiver to take the test FOR FREE!


Testing centers close to your home tend to fill up before the first day of school and October SAT registration is a requirement for our college
process so be sure to attend this registration event. If you can't make it, respond to this email ASAP for what to do next. 



Prepare for the registration workshop:
Sign up for a time slot by filling out this quick survey 
� Put your registration date and time in your calendar or planner
� Be sure to have your collegeboard username and passwordsaved as a note or contact your phone
� If you have not created an account before, please send a professional selfie to your email for easy upload to the online SAT registration formReview the requirements here.



Worried about the exam? Use the resources in this email to set yourself up for success. You can take up to 4 free full-length practice tests hereCheck out the attached flyers for other test prep such as Android and Apple SAT apps and free/low cost prep programs around NYC


Colleges will SUPER SCORE your results out of the two exams you take. That means they take the highest score from each section (Critical Reading and Math) and combine them.  This is why it’s crucial to take the SAT twice because it increases your chances of getting into 4-year schools.



Test 1: Critical Reading: 480, Math:  500 = Total Score 980/1600

Test 2: Critical Reading: 500, Math: 400 = Total Score 900/1600

SUPER SCORE: 1000/1600



If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reply to this email! Other than that, enjoy your summer and get some relaxation before your senior year starts! 😊



Ms. Fatimah and the CDI team