High School For Health Professions & Human Services

Freshman Orientation

The orientation will last approximately two hours and it is imperative that each student be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to participate in this orientation. Students will have the opportunity to meet various faculty members, fellow students and receive information ensuring a smooth transition to high school.

You will receive a packet of information including school rules and regulations. We will ask parents and guardians to complete Emergency Home Contact cards, which are vital to assist us in reaching you if your child becomes ill or has other serious problems. Please be sure to bring a pen and a notebook with you on this day. The orientation includes a tour of the building and offers parents and students a chance to have all your questions answered.

The Executive Board of the Parents Association will be present to give you information about planned meetings and events during the school year and you will be able to join the PTA if you so wish.  Students will have the opportunity to meet our Coordinator of Student Activities, and members from the National Honor Society. These student leaders will provide useful information about becoming successful at our school. Our Assistant Principals, Deans, and Parent Coordinator will assist you in getting started at our school.

Due to limited space, we ask that you do not bring younger children to the orientation. We are looking forward to seeing you on June 10th.