High School For Health Professions & Human Services

REVISED - 2017 – 2018 End-of-Year Schedule

REVISED - 2017 – 2018 End-of-Year Schedule

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June 7 – Thursday

 No School.  Do not attend. 

June 11 – Monday

  Marking Period 3 Ends.

June 12 – June 22

  Regents exams.  Attend school only on days you have a test.  DO NOT BRING ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES.  If you have a cellphone, ipod, ipad…etc. on you during Regents testing, your exam will not count!  Even if the device is turned off and in your bag, your exam will not be graded.  If you are in POSSESSION of any electronic device during testing, your exam will be invalidated! 

Leave ALL electronic devices at home!

June 25 – Monday

 Regular School Day.  All classes will be held.   

June 26 – Tuesday

     Freshman, Sophomores & Juniors report to their 3rd Period class promptly at 9:00 am to pick up report cards and summer school programs. If you have lunch 3rd period, report directly to the West Cafeteria.

August 31 – Friday

      Returning students should report to the Lower Auditorium to pick up their programs and Metro Cards.