High School For Health Professions & Human Services

Welcome Back HPHS Families

I am honored to be your Principal.  The staff is proud of our students, and they strive to make our school community a friendly, caring, and supportive environment that sets high expectations for our students while making them feel challenged and safe.


September is an exciting time of the year because it gives us a fresh start in school.  This year we see the addition of 20 new staff members, the creation of our Peer Mediation Program, and the consolidation of all student activities under the guidance of COSA (Coordinator of Student Activities).


If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s guidance counselor.  The counselors have new extensions as well as new office locations:

                        Ms. Aguilar   Room 204D    212-780-9175 Extension 2043

                        Mr. Argiro     Room 204C    212-780-9175 Extension 2042

                        Ms. Garcia     Room 204B    212-780-9175 Extension 2040

                        Ms. Kassem   Room 319B    212-780-9175 Extension 3192

                        Mr. Mattura  Room 118A    212-780-9175 Extension 1181

                        Ms. Pasquale Room 209A    212-780-9175 Extension 2090


On a final note, you play a vital role in the education of our students and offer incredible support in and out of the classroom.  I invite you to participate in our PTA to further extend the opportunities we can provide.  I believe that collaborative-decision making and strong staff and parental involvement will make our school a dynamic place to learn and work.  Throughout the school year your child’s teachers and I will be making a special effort to stay in touch with you.  We will keep you informed of your child’s progress through Pupil Path and our website.


Be sure to log into your Pupil Path account and visit us at www.hphsnyc.org for update information on your child’s progress and school information and activities.


Wishing everyone a productive school year.




Robert A. Gentile