High School For Health Professions & Human Services

Borough of Manhattan Community College’s Medical Assistant Certificate Program

The Career Academy is CDI’s exciting, new sectorally-based skill building and mentoring program that prepares OSOW young adults, ages 18-25, for a career in the medical field.  Alumni from CDI’s three partner schools take part in a six-month program that includes training in essential work skills, customer service and care coordination, a nationally-recognized certificate from CUNY or another appropriate certificate, and job placement.  CDI offers case management support throughout and for six months into employment.  This model was developed in collaboration with our partners at New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare and Borough of Manhattan Community College, and was designed as part of the JobsFirstNYC Young Adult Sectoral Employment Program.  We are grateful to our Career Academy funding partners for their support and enthusiasm:  Bodman Foundation, The Pinkerton Foundation, Tiger Foundation, and JobsFirstNYC.


Please RSVP by Thursday, March 5th to Nicole Ethier at administrativecoordinator@cdi-ny.org.