Dressing for Success and Appropriate Attire at HPHS

“Dressing for Success” applies not only to the workplace, but also to school. Appropriate attire does contribute to a productive learning environment. The following is a list of inappropriate apparel and accessories that should not be worn in the school:

low-cut blouses
tube tops
low-cut tank tops
short shorts
halter tops
metal wallet chains
pants chains
micro-mini skirts
midriff tops

Clothing worn to school should provide adequate coverage of the midriff area, and undergarments should never be visible. T-shirts with inappropriate or offensive logos, designs, or pictures are also prohibited. Students who report to school with inappropriate attire will be asked to change into a physical education uniform and parents will be contacted. Additionally, cell phones, iPods and other electronic devices are not permitted. These devices will be confiscated if used in our building.