CLEP Exams

The CLEP exam will be administered on the following dates.  To reserve a spot, please click on the link.  

CLEP Exam Schedule

February 9

February 16

March 1

March 15

April 12

May 16

May 24

May 31

June 3

June 4 (9:00 am)

June 18 (9:00 am)

June 20 (9:00 am)

June 21 (9:00 am)

June 21 (1:00 pm)



How to Register Students

All current students and recent graduates of NYC schools are eligible for the NYC x Freshman Year for Free program.

Create an account

1. Go to to register for NYC x Freshman Year for Free. 

2. Choose your school in the "Please Select A School" dropdown menu.

▶️IMPORTANT: Make sure to create your account using the same email 

address used to apply for the program in Step 1.

▶️Once you have successfully submitted the form, you will receive an

 Activation Email with a link that must be clicked in order to activate your account.

Enroll in a course

  1. Click “Log in” on where you’ll be redirected to sign in with your email address and password at

2. Click on the "Explore courses" button to scroll through all our course offerings.

3. Scroll and browse through all of the course offerings and click on any course title or “Learn More” button.

4. Click "Continue To Course" to explore a course in detail.

5. Click "Enroll now…" to access the full course you'd like to study.

6. Click the green "Start Course" button at the upper right to begin.

Complete the course and earn a CLEP exam voucher

  1. Complete the course by watching all videos, doing the reading, and taking all practice quizzes and questions.

▶️You must score 75%+ on your course progress to request a CLEP voucher. Watch this brief animation to learn How to track your COURSE PROGRESS.

2. Request a CLEP exam voucher at request by submitting a screenshot of your Course Progress Tracker and attaching it to this form. A sample is below.

▶️When planning your CLEP exam, keep in mind it may take up to 10 business days to receive your voucher. 

Register for and take the CLEP exam

These steps occur outside Modern States’ website.

  1. Register for the exam at

▶️Watch animation: How to SCHEDULE your CLEP EXAM.

2. Schedule the exam. Click on a date above. Alternatively, find a nearby test center at You may need to contact the test center to schedule your exam.

3. Take the CLEP exam.

▶️If you do not pass, Modern States offers 2nd attempt vouchers which can be requested at Note that the College Board requires a three-month waiting period before retesting.

Submit for reimbursement as appropriate

1. If you had to pay a Test Center fee, submit a Test Center Reimbursement at
2. ▶️Submit a legible receipt that shows your name, and amount clearly.

We do not accept bank statements.


3. ▶️You should receive a check in 8-10 weeks for a test center reimbursement.