First Day of School

All students MUST report to school on Wednesday, September 6, at the designated appointment time listed below.  Students will pick up the materials listed below and then immediately be dismissed:

  1. MetroCard (will be activated on September 7)  
  2. Program Card
  3. Daily Time Schedule
12th graders report at 9 am
11th graders report at 10 am
10th graders report at 11 am
9th graders report at 12 noon
Frequently Asked Questions:
1) I cannot come at my scheduled time.  May I come a little bit later or a little bit earlier?
    Yes you can.  In order to give us enough time to serve students properly, we are spacing out appointments so as not to have the entire student body come at the same time.  Please do your best to come at the time listed above.  If that is not possible, arrive between 9 am and 1 pm.  
2) I am away on vacation.  I will be returning after 1:00 pm on Wednesday, September 6.  What can be done?
     If you are unable to come to Health Professions to pick up your program and MetroCard on Wednesday, September 6 by 1:00 pm, you can pick it up at 8 am on Thursday, September 7th.  Please understand that Thursday, September 7 is our first day of classes, so you may be late or miss your early class periods while you wait to pick up your materials.  
3) Can my friend pick up my stuff?
     No.  Your friend cannot pick up your materials.  If you cannot attend on Wednesday, September 6, then you will receive it on Thursday, September 7.  
4) I still have a question, who can help me?
     Please reach out to our Parent Coordinator Marjudith Martino at [email protected] or (212)780-9175 ext. 3005.