There will be a meeting at school on August 22nd for any students interested in Boys or Girls Soccer.

The Girls will meet at 9:00 AM

The Boys will meet at 10:00 AM

Bring all the proper paperwork completed in ink.


Tryouts will begin on the 23rd.


​Volleyball (Girls Only)

​Varsity Volleyball tryouts will start on August 29th in the school Gymnasium at 10:00.  

If you need to hand in paperwork, be at school at 9:30.

Varsity tryouts are open to all grades (9-12)


Tryouts for JV Volleyball (just 9th and 10th graders) will be in the middle of September.


Cross Country (Girls Only)


​Email Mr. Chmiel at [email protected] for the start date.

The proper forms are attached to this post.  Those are the only forms that will allow you to try out and participate.

All forms must be properly filled out by a parent/guardian and your medical provider.  

All information must be in ink. 

Medicals must stamped, signed, dated and completed by your doctor.

Parental Consent forms are initialed, signed and dated by your parent/guardian 

The original form must be handed in.  We cannot accept copies, faxed documents, or emails of scanned documents.