Covid-19 Antigen Home Tests

With this in mind, I have decided that tomorrow, during periods 3 & 4, when we take our daily attendance, the staff at HPHS will distribute Two Covid-19 Antigen Home Tests to ALL HPHS students along with instructions for their use. Please do not be alarmed, there has not been an outbreak of COVID in our school. I am doing this for several reasons, the most important one is because you, our parents/guardians and students are asking for them. My hope is that these tests will help our families deal with the anxiety of not knowing if their child is positive for COVID.

Please remember that when families report positive COVID cases to any member of the HPHS staff, it is helpful to have the following information because it helps the reporting process move much quicker.  There is a link to a Google Form where you will be able to send us this important information:

  A picture of positive test results including your student ID in the photo.

  • If you previously tested positive for Covid in the past 90 days include the date 
  • Contact information:
    • Parent/Guardian Name
    • Parent/Guardian Cell Phone Number
    • Parent/Guardian e-mail