HPHS Google Account


All HPHS students use the school’s Google account for all classes. Throughout the next four years, your HPHS email will be essential to staying connected. We want to start that connection as soon as possible, so you do not miss any important announcements and opportunities to engage with your peers, HPHS administrators, counselors and teachers! 


Your HPHS email address will be the following format: last name.first name followed by the last four digits of your student ID number @hphsnyc.org ex. wasilewski.eva7890@hphsnyc.org 


Your current password is: studenthphs (all lower-case letters) 


We strongly encourage you to change your password once you log in to your email account. If you are coming from a private, charter or non-DOE school and do not have an OSIS/Student ID number yet, please contact ewasilewski@schools.nyc.gov for assistance. 


How to log into your email account:  

Please follow the below instructions to access your student email:  

  1. Go to gmail.com
  2. Once you’re at the welcome page for Gmail, enter your new HPHS email address
  3. Enter your password (studenthphs)
  4. You should have this letter as new email in your mailbox