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Electronic Learning Devices

Good morning,

This is to inform you that the Department of Education (DOE) will be providing some electronic learning devices to students who are in need. For the distribution of these devices, the DOE is asking families to complete this survey this survey, linked here sharing their best contact information over the next few weeks as well as whether they have access to:

●  A smartphone

●  A laptop/tablet/computer

●  Internet

●  None of the above

The DOE will use the information to prioritize device distribution and inform families of pickup location. 

I am sharing this survey with our community. If you are in contact with families, who do not have access to an internet-connected device, ask them to complete the survey by Friday, March 20, 2020. 

The DOE is stressing that this information will be essential to support distribution of the devices to the students who are most in need. 

Here is the link:



Robert A. Gentile