High School For Health Professions & Human Services

Procedures for September 20, 2019 Climate Strike

Student Absences

Absences to participate in the protest will be excused if a student has parental permission. Regardless of grade level, if a student is present for at least one instructional period, they are considered present for the day and absent for any class periods not attended. There are no disciplinary consequences for excused absences. Parents giving permission for their child to be absent should notify schools in the same manner they normally would, based on the school’s established attendance protocol (e.g. in writing, by phone, etc.).

The following policies also apply:

  • If an elementary, middle, or high school student has parental permission to miss the entire school day to engage in protest activities, they will have an excused absence for the day.
  • If a middle or high school student participates in the strike without parental permission, the student’s absence will not be excused.
  • If a middle/high school student leaves school early with parent permission to participate in the strike, their absence from the class periods they miss will be excused.
  • Elementary school students need to be signed out by their parents or guardians if they wish to participate in the protest.
  • Full-day unexcused absences are B01 infractions in the Discipline Code(Open external link). If students leave school for a portion of the day without parental permission, their absence from the class periods they miss will be unexcused. Such unexcused absences are B03 infractions (cutting class) in the Discipline Code.