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Daily Attendance

Thank you for attempting to log your attendance for today.  You no longer have to mark yourself present each day.  Instead, every Friday, you must log in and document your attendance for the entire week.  You do so on the following form:  NYC DOE Work From Home/Remote Timekeeping Link

If you will be absent, you must email Arelis Forty at on the particular day which you are absent.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mr. Karaiskos ( or Ms. Forty (  

Ms. Forty's email clarifying this new attendance procedure is included below for additional clarification and guidance.  

Dear School Staff,

Starting for the week of March 30, the DOE is asking all school employees who are working from home/remotely to report their attendance weekly to their school timekeeper via an on-line form. This form simply asks you to indicate for each day of the week if you worked from home or were absent as well as to provide an explanation of any absence. The School Payroll Secretary will use your Attendance Form response information to make entries in the timekeeping system (EIS).
To complete the Attendance Form for your school please go to:


You will use the same link each week, so please save this email and link. For this first week (March 30 – April 3) please complete the on-line Attendance Form by Tuesday, April 6. Going forward please complete the form each Friday.
Please note the following important information about this system and attendance reporting:
· Please make every effort to complete the on-line form on a weekly basis by 3:00 each Friday. Your payroll secretary uses this information to update attendance and timekeeping in EIS which remains the system of record.
· The link above is for use by your school only; please do not use a link provided to a staff person at a different school. You should continue to use the same Attendance Form link each week while you are working from home.
· To access the on-line form, you will need to use your DOE email and login information. If you do not have that information or need to update it contact the DIIT Help Desk at
· This reporting system is only for school based EIS staff working from home; it is not for use by school based staff using Cybershift, e.g. parent coordinators, or staff who are reporting to work, e.g. school lunch staff.
· This weekly reporting does not take the place of daily notification of absences. If you are unable to work from home that day you should still notify your supervisor and timekeeper as soon as possible in the morning so that coverage can be arranged.
· If you do not have access to a computer to complete the on-line form you may separately email your attendance information to your payroll secretary. Be sure to indicate for each day of the week if you were in attendance or absent along with an explanation of any absences.
Thank you in advance for your assistance in providing your attendance information weekly through the on-line Attendance Form.

Division of Human Capital

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