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I teach the following periods: 2, 3, 4, 8 & 9.  I am available periods 5, 6 & 7.  (11:30 am - 1:45 pm).  I can often be found in the "Teacher Center" room 420, during my free periods.  You may also try to telephone me at 212-780-9175 x 4200.  I also keep a voice mail at x 4201.

Science is a subject some people "dig" and yet for others, science seems to be just too tedious and boring.

Science isn't easy.  Scientists search for answers to questions that a few of us don't bother even asking.

"Why are we here?"  "How did we come into existence?"  "Who created us?"  "Just WHAT are we?"  These are but a few of the literally billions of questions we ask every day.

If science is one thing it is this: a search for a logical solution or resolution that is based on reason.  Science is NOT emotional.  

There are some circumstances in our lives that are based more on emotional processes.  A friend or a spouse is chosen on the basis of emotional considerations.  For others, religion plays a large role in their lives.  Unfortunately, religion and science don't often see "eye to eye" on some matters.

When we make an emotional decision, is it always the best decision?  Was it the right decision?

If anything, the study of science makes every attempt to eliminate decisions based solely on emotional reasons.  We cannot expect to use logic and reasoning in all our decisions.  However, as science and technology advance, it is apparent: it could not have, unless more people decided to utilize more logic and reasoning.  Without it, we would not have jet planes, flat-panel televisions and smart phones.  We would NOT have the internet, or satellite communications, or modern medicine and genetics.

Speaking of which, what do YOU think your future will bring not only to you, but to US, your fellow citizens?  You have choices: do you learn more about yourselves, your bodies, life around you, or do you choose to not really give it much concern.

Studying Biology is also studying yourself.  Just how "deep" do you want to get into it?  It begins here and it begins now.  Science is NOT about superficiality.  It IS about tackling challenges that are very tough to think through.  However, if you invest the time, you will reap the rewards.

What is YOUR decision?